Getting to Know Psychiatry

Bipolar Disorders

As mentioned in the blog on diagnosis, other doctors may not agree with my recommendations, but here they are: I avoid stimulant medications (used for treating ADHD) and antidepressants in bipolar disorders. They usually do not work in these conditions and often agitate such patients, increasing their tantrums, aggression, an

Diagnosis of Mood Disorders in Children

You might have already figured this out: there are currently no medical tests (blood test, MRI, scans, EEG,…) to help psychiatrists with the diagnosis of their patients. The diagnosis and treatment of these disorders are still scientific but in a clinical sense, by using carefully taken history, observation, and long-term foll


Lithium (Lithobid, Eskalith, Lithonate, Lithotabs)


Depakote IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a summary and does not contain

ADHD Washington Post Article

ADHD Washington Post Article (adhd-wash-post.doc) From Sunday's Post Magazine The Trouble With ADHD By A

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